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Unleashed the Movie: The Little Movie that Could

Unleashed the movie – a romantic comedy – comes out in theaters and on demand August 25th 2017 and you should see it.  Hear me out before you write this one off as ‘just another fluff piece’. 

The Plot

Yes, the plot is typical and predictable. Girl meets boy, boy breaks girl’s heart.  A supermoon causes her pets to transform to humans and hilarity ensues.

We’ve seen this before.  Maybe not exactly like this, but variations on the ‘freaky Friday’ / Groundhog day / cosmic-oh-fucks that messes up a few lives for a short period of time is not a new concept.

The Dialog

The dialog is good, the jokes are funny, and the actors seem to have a natural chemistry which makes for great performances.

This movie is also very family friendly and you don’t have to worry about your kids repeating anything they shouldn’t have heard.

Side note – the only nudity is a shot of Steve Howey’s (Reba, Something Borrowed, Shameless) gorgeous backside as he is transformed from dog to human.

I can already hear the questions burning into your eyes…

All this is great, but what makes this movie so special I. must. see. it.?

Official Trailer # 1

Unleashed starring Kate Micucci & Justin Chatwin

Official Trailer # 2

Unleashed starring Kate Micucci & Justin Chatwin

The Performance

Simply put, the actors’ performance in this award-winning indie film is outstanding.

Steve Howey (Reba, Shameless)

Steve Howey plays the role of Sam,  Emma’s dog Summit who’s trapped inside a human body.  He sells it so well you can easily picture him as a dog.

He plays big, which is perfect for this role.  Big mouth. Big teeth. A semi-permanent look of wonder in his eyes. Short, quick, sentences. Terrific ‘tail between the legs’ moments.

Every movement, every expression, is exaggerated.  He sports a big goofy grin throughout the film and you just can’t help but love him.

“Good Boy, Steve.  Good Boy”

Kate Micucci (The Big Bang Theory, When in Rome)

Kate brings us Emma – a geeky, somewhat awkward, yet still very feminine woman who trusts her pets more than she does people.  Hey, I can’t judge; just this morning I found myself having a full conversation with my cat and her 5 babies…

Emma is adorable but at risk of becoming a crazy cat lady.  Once scorned and wary of the opposing gender she wishes there were more men like Summit and Ajax.  Be careful what you wish for? …

unleashed the movie

The best performance, without a doubt, goes to Justin Chatwin as Diego.

Justin Chatwin

Can we take a moment to simply appreciate the genius that is Jusin Chatwin and his dedication to the fine art of cat-ing?

unleashed the movie

The amount of time that man must have spent just watching cats is astounding.  The walk, the talk, the tilt of the head – everything!

Diego is the human cat personified.  The things he does with this tongue (get out of the gutter, it’s not that kind of movie), the way he carries himself, his hands…

I’ve had cats all my life – this guy nails it.

Whether he’s drinking milk from a carton, spitting out food, grabbing a goldfish from the tank, the complete arrogance in his swagger – and still, charming.

unleashed the movie

I’m sure the script read “Saunters down the street very cat-like“.

What he did… I mean… Wow. The hips, the shoulders, the slight rolling of his back as he makes his way down the street – and around lamp poles, over benches, through monuments.

Justin did his homework, and it shows.

His performance was the best thing about this movie.  I enjoyed all of it – but this was the pièce de résistance.



So what else do you want me to say about Unleashed the movie? Me-Ow. Go see it, it’s great.  In theaters and On Demand August 25th. MEEOWWWW. Go!

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*It goes without saying I received a copy of this film in other to review it.  Cause you know, disclosures and all.

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