I'm a Mean Mommy

purging all the things

I may hgarbage bagsave thrown A LOT of crap stuff from my kids’ playroom, and I have no regrets!

I may have told my kids I was ‘cleaning’.  Again, no regrets.

There comes a point when enough is enough!  when you can’t see the floor, when you get hurt on broken dollar-store shit, when you feel like taking a match to the house and starting fresh…. it’s time to start purging!

I’m not that mean – I didn’t throw out anything they actually played with nor did I touch their favorite dolls and stuffies – that would just be cruel (almost witch-like!)- but broken / damaged / ripped / etc ?  Out to the curb it went!

To be fair, I’ve thrown out lots of my own stuff too.  Have you purged lately?  How did it feel?  What ‘disappeared’?

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