How To Train Your Husband

what happened when DH went on paternity leave

When my 2 year old was born I joined the legions of moms collecting EI for a full year.  A whopping $900 a month.  Apparently I was getting paid to take care of the kids, carpool everyone around, do the housework, manage meals, and so forth.

This time around, I had no such luxuries – Being a business owner it would appear you don’t get paid if you don’t work.  Funny thing, that.  We are very blessed that J-F got his permanency at work just before the baby was born.  We decided that he would take advantage of his benefits and take 12 weeks of paternity leave.  Of course, the 1st 2 weeks aren’t paid, so I’m giving him the equivalent of 2 weeks pay.

Monday morning, when he complained about his ‘list’, I had the great pleasure of telling him he was getting paid to do this ;).  Vacations are (to him) a time to relax and wind down.  Paternity leave, however… are being paid for by my tax dollars.  Tee-hee.  I’m enjoying this too much!

My tax dollars are paying your salary so you can stay home and play with the kids. The least you could do is cook and clean! #shitiveheardbefore

Four days in, he has turned into an anal-retentive house cleaner.  WOOHOOO!  I should have done this years ago!

Now if he can learn to cook and embrace the carpool aspect of this ‘job’, we’ll be golden.

Want to train your husband?  Send him on Paternity Leave.  My bathrooms have never been cleaner!

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