Shining Stars Projector

Beam images of space on any surface for a close-up view of the stars!

The Shining Stars Projector is great for keeping your little space explorer in bed until they fall asleep.

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See the stars


Chloe, my 3rd and youngest, my Wild Child, was gifted the Shining Stars Projector.

She’s got a loud voice and a stronger will. She knows what she wants… and negotiates her way to a win.

Chloe doesn’t like the idea of “going to bed”. Instead, she plays with her ‘little shit’ collection (shopkins, cars, etc) until she falls asleep. Or she ‘reads’ a book.

Or she turns on her Shining Stars Projector and shares tales of faraway lands to her little shit collection.

Hey, she stays in bed until asleep, and for me that’s goal # 1.

She loves switching the disks around (we’re getting her an extra pack this year) and it doubles as a flashlight when she goes exploring. Intended use? Likely not. Chloe is her own woman though and won’t let that stop her.

* Almost a year later and it still gets played with several times a week!

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