Sands Alive! Glow

Kids' favorite Sands Alive! now glows!  All of the fun of sand without the mess.

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Let your kids' imaginations run wild with Sands Alive! Glow.

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Last Christmas I got a Sands Alive! kit for the little one and all the O. M. G.’s.  What a hit this kit was.  The kids had a blast building castles and snowmen – or I guess sandmen.

I love that the sand is so easy to pick up and the kids love that they can play with ‘sand’ in the house.  Until they decided to spread it all over the living room floor.  My indoor sandals got covered in the clean-up  process and soon there was sticky sand all over the house.  So don’t just get a tray; get a tray with a lid, a lock, and a deadbolt.

I briefly considered those beautiful large memory boxes with the magnetic lid but I can picture the whole think falling on someone’s hair, and, well…. though the effect is not nearly as disastrous as the famed Bunchems, it’s still a hassle to get it out of your kids hair.  Trust me on this one; this was one discovery I’ve yet to recover from.

Hairy tales aside, it’s still a great toy.  I got to play with the Sands Alive! Glow this summer and had a blast writing illicit words and watching them come to light.  I doubt my 3 year old will be waxing poetic in neon; her designs will be the like of unrecognizable faces, trees, flowers, and letters that all.  look.  the.  same.  Be prepared to quizzically exclaim ‘Oh Wwwooowww…’ while wondering if your child started practicing unrecognizable hieroglyphs in utero.

Bottom line?  Sands Alive! Glow is a great choice for your kids.  Get a tray, buy some extra sand, and watch the joy in their eyes as their creations light up.  

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