Nancy B’s Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit

Learn about life cycles and decomposition using the experiments, fun facts, creative writing prompts and other activities in the included journal.

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Let's Compost


My kids never cease to amaze me. Jasmine received the Nancy B’s Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit for Christmas and it was her favorite gift of all.

I knew the child who once built an ant condo would enjoy this particular toy. What I wasn’t expecting is just how much she’d enjoy it.

Using the included activity book as a guide she was composting within days and it was serious business. She made notes, she examined, she made sure we all knew not to touch her compost kit.

This summer, she applied what she learned and grew her own selection of vegetables – each plant nursed and cared for from seedling to crop time. She even tried her hand at growing pineapple and coconut plants from each of the fruit and was (mildly) successful.

I suspect the chaos of the move was the biggest factor in these particular plants not taking quite properly but overall she (and I) was very proud of her developing green thumb.

I really loved watching the different items decompose. It was really awesome to see. Also, I feel much stronger about the importance of recycling and composting.
~ Jasmine, 11 years old

The Nancy B’s Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit makes a great gift for your budding gardener and science enthusiast.

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