My First Telescope

My First Telescope encourages exploration and discovery. Designed for little hands it features 2 eyepieces and an adjustable tripod.

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Explore the stars


Some days we look for stars and moons. These days we use the My First Telescope to search for Rudolph and his sleigh!

The tall tales I’m hearing have me laughing on the inside. “I see him!! I see him! Yes, there, see that thing?” … Cue two other kids nodding, agreeing, and adding to the story even though they’d never admit they’re the only ones who can’t see Rudolph.

Super-moons, meteor showers, Venus in retrograde… (it’s a joke people!) We take My First Telescope out every time we hear of interesting celestial happenings. Oh, and to look for Rudolph, of course.

Possible I took it out a few months ago and ‘saw’ Santa going around checking up on kids. No shame.

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