Kick Flipper

Like a skateboard without wheels!  Let your kids learn essential skate / sno / surf board skills like a pro!

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Get Flippin'


Have you seen the new Kick Flipper by Plasmart Toys?  I saw these this summer at the annual #SuiteSweet15 party and though my coordination skills leave much to be desired I wanted to see how it would fare with my adventurous gymnasts.

Needless to say they all love it.  I’m just glad they get to practice their hair-raising tricks in the comfort of the carpet-covered hallway.  I’ve almost caught them going for the stair case but they’ve been warned ;).

We’ve been a PlasmaCar owner for 7 years and love the quality of their toys; the new Kick Flipper is sure to become the next hit from Plasmart Toys.

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