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Educational Insights – More than just learning games

I recently had the chance to try out several toys from this Educational Insights.

The biggest hit in our family so far has been the Magic Moves RainbowJam.  Our 3yr old has fallen in love with this and managed to learn all her colours in the space of a few days.

My sanity loves that it has volume control and my daughter loves to ‘stab’ the wand against various objects and furniture.

Update: 1 year later, it’s still a favorite in our home!  She is now 4, and plays with the RainbowJam at least a few times a week.

The GeoSafari Jr. Jungle Crew Lab Set has been well received by our 5yr old.  Her older sister is always conducting experiments and now she feels like she, too, can keep up.  Great for the inquiring minds of littles.

Design & Drill Flower Power Studio is loved by the both the 3yr old and the 5 yr old.  They follow Grampa around when he’s puttering around the house and pretend they too are fixing what needs fixin’.

I love the idea of Puppets-on-a-Stick but my kids would just use them as weapons.  We gifted this to my 5 yr old niece who’s been having fun playing pretend with these.  Depending on your child’s temperament this may be better suited for kids with no close siblings.

Update: This summer I had the chance to get some Puppet-on-a-stick PENS for the girls, and they loved it

Our 9yr old loves the RiddleCube – The Game.  With her sisters being much younger this 1-4 player game allows her some solo play that is more stimulating than a box of Barbies.  I love that she can play alone or with all of us.

Bottom line?  All of these toys are great and you can’t go wrong when you follow your kids’ passions. 

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