Netflix Brings Offline Viewing to the Table

Netflix Brings Offline Viewing to the Table

Netflix Brings Offline Viewing to the Table


When do I get on a plane next, because I need to try this feature.

Netflix now allows you to DOWNLOAD designated programming to your tablet or phone for offline viewing. No more paying through the nose for Boingo Hotspots just so I can keep busy on a layover.  No more paying for on-board WiFi only to find out it doesn’t support streaming.

And being able to watch anywhere, without having to worry about my data?  Priceless.

Now on @Netflix_CA - Downloadable content for #OfflineViewing Click To Tweet

So – What’s the first thing you’ll be downloading?

While you’re here – Check out my gift guide & shop the Finding Funny store to help support this blog

As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I receive special perks and incentives in exchanging for sharing the awesome, however all data overages and binge-watching exhaustion are all mine.  Oh, and my opinions, too :).

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Halloween Fun with Beat Bugs & Word Party

Halloween Fun with Beat Bugs & Word Party

Halloween Fun with Beat Bugs & Word Party


My kids love Halloween and they were stoked when we got a pumpkin carving kit from Netflix. We had several designs to choose from, and they picked Beat Bugs and Word Party.

It’s easy to make fun and interesting pumpkin designs – here’s how we did it.

Start by printing your desired designs.  Thicker stock paper works better, as does ‘chunkier’ designs.

You’ll also need to gather a few useful tools.  You can kits at places like Walmart or the grocery store.

Cut out the insides of your image – the parts that will be removed – and tape it onto the pumpkin.

These two designs worked really well because they didn’t have many intricate details.

Trace out and / or fill in the design on your pumpkin, as if you were using a stencil.

Filling in is a little messier than tracing but it really helps the kids see what needs to come off versus what stays.

Now, destroy your masterpiece.

I mean… Use your tools to carve your design.  Yes, there’s a How to Train your Dragon in there… It was disastrous, the boy fell off at the last cut.

And Voila! Beautiful-ish pumpkins that didn’t stress you out at all while the kids insisted on doing everything themselves ;).

Now the fun begins, your kitchen will be a disaster.  Enjoy the fruits of your labour (pun intended).

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McDreamy is McGone

McDreamy is McGone

My McDreamy is McGone

and so I Netflix

I pay for cable.  I pay a lot of money for cable.  

The one cable box we have?  It’s in my parents’ living room.  If I’m in the mood to watch junkyard wars, every kind of bush / naked / alaska people argue it out on screen, or deadliest catch ad nauseam… I could watch all the TV I want, 24 hours a day.

Sadly (or thankfully, depending on where you stand) none of these interest me and I get twinges of cable withdrawal syndrom from time to time.  Mostly in the summer when all the shows are on break.

So I Netflix.  A lot.

When my television alerted me new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy were now available, I had the brilliant idea to binge-watch from the very beginning.

Do you remember those first few seasons?  Addison, living in the trailer with Derek.  Derek & Meredith, sharing a dog.  Becoming friends.

The way Shepherd looks at Grey the crinkling of his eyes as he laughs from the heart. His gentleness and compassion as he helps her through rough moments.  The sadness in his eyes when she’s not looking.


I had my McDreamy.

An old boyfriend, married (as I was), a friend.  Perhaps the only friend who knew all of me.

The way Derek looks at Meredith?  He used to look at me that way.  Our friendship evolved over the years, going from the ‘happy b-day / merry xmas’ type, to the once a month chat kind, to the weekly and eventually almost daily chats.

We laughed – a lot.

We were there for each other as a sounding board.  Comforting, supporting, and helping each other out through our respective marital issues.

The tension was always there.  I spent years making sure our conversations didn’t cross the line, reigning it in when it got too close to too much.  We were both so miserable… He was my cheerleader, never failing to believe in me. We were the escape we both needed.

I don’t need to tell you what happened next – I’m sure you can figure it out.

I tried leaving my husband a few times, but he always begged for me to keep fighting for us.

He found out about a year ago and by then we were truly having an affair, having seen each other a few times over the previous months.

Needless to say, my McDreamy is McGone.

I still think of him.  I still reach for the phone when I need a joke, or when I come across an article I think he would like.  And then I stop myself, because he’s no longer there.  I am dead to him, and he to me.  Or he should be.  But I still think of him.

I miss him, our friendship, the easiness between us.

So as I navigate this world of dating I fill the empty moments with Mer/Der screen time.

What are you binge-watching these days?  What fills up your moments?

As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam I get perks, but all stories, laughs, and heartbreaks are my own 😉



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The Beatles… euh…. Beat Bugs on Netflix

The Beatles… euh…. Beat Bugs on Netflix

The Beatles... euh.... Beat Bugs on Netflix


“Lucy in the sky-yyy- above!”

What the ever loving…

The three year old has been humming and signing Beatles songs all morning.  After the King Julien fiasco, I * know * this isn’t a time warp… but it sure does feel a lot like Mr Soulard’s 7th grade music class.

And it feels good

I had wondered, who would instill a love of the Beatles in my kids the way our middle school teacher did.  I may have spent more time reminiscing today.

The kids are hooked.  I haven’t watched the show yet, but they sure as heck look cute!

beat bugs

I’m all for TV giving my kids missing pieces of culture, if they’re sitting there watching the boob tube anyways.

Sight unseen – but not unheardI’m a fan.  You should watch it, and so should your kids!

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Slapstick Comedy for Kids on Netflix

Slapstick Comedy for Kids on Netflix

Slapstick Comedy for Kids on Netflix

Bernard & Larva

I love watching stupid funny.  The slapstick stuff you don’t need to think about to enjoy.

And maybe it’s a little ‘pipi-caca-fesse‘ but let’s be honest – sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Ends up the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  The girls’ current favorites for non-stop laughs is Bernard and Lava.

Bernard is a bear who gets into situation.  He’s been a staple on our Netflix roster for a while now.

Netflix Bernard


The other day I let the girls watch a bit of TV in my room and they begged for Larva.

WTF is Larva was my first thought.  I’d never heard of this show before but the kids seemed to know what they were talking about.

Thankfully I didn’t have to go looking far for it, it was a suggested option on the kids’ profile.  And instead of working (which is what I was planning on doing) I sat there and laughed my ass off for two hours right along with them.

larva netflix

Seriously funny stuff over there, you should check it out.

This post is brought to you by my participation in the Netflix #StreamTeam.  I have not been paid for this post but I do get some nice perks :).

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I Like to Move It | #StreamTeam

I Like to Move It | #StreamTeam

'90's hits & King Julian


I Like to Move-it-Move-it

The kids are * supposed * to be sleeping.

Except I can hear the 3 year old, singing at the top of her lungs in her bed.  “I like to move-it-move-it” – Over, and over, and over again.  Ad Nauseam.

That can only mean one thing: “Hot Tub Time Machine” is actually a thing and I’ve fallen back to the ’90’s.  With all the plaid I’m seeing these days I wouldn’t be surprised…

Guess Again, Watson

Nope.  No time warp.

King Julien.  He’s back.  Like… back! back.  Season three.

I never told them.  They found it on their own.  Damn thing started yesterday and they’re already halfway through the season.

It appears King Julien and his come-hither eyes are here to stay, for the next little while at least.  The kids love his eccentric tendencies, and I love ’90’s dance music.  Win-Win, right?



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Single Parent does Roadtrip, Survives #StreamTeam

Single Parent does Roadtrip, Survives #StreamTeam

Single Parent does Roadtrip... Survives, Barely.


I’ve been known to take the kids away in May for our ‘summer’ trip – mostly because I hate crowds and inflated prices.

Except this year was different. 

This was the first time I loaded up the new Ford Escord, stuffed 3 kids and 2 carseats + gear, and headed out into the unknown that is #kickassroadtrip.


Thankfully, I had the sense God gave me and split up our trip in 2 segments.  Monday & Tuesday we were at Parc Omega – where we camped amidst the wolves and such – followed by a wonderful tour of Montreal with Context Tours.

We were supposed to leave for Toronto on Wednesday morning but we took a break (more on that soon) and spent Thursday & Friday in Toronto with the help of CityPass.

Beg & Bribe

This being my first trip outnumbered 3-1, I begged and bribed Ann to come with us to Parc Omega & Montreal.  I may have made unfounded promises that she would not get eaten by a bear (ends up that’s true!), I may have bribed with the idea of a memorable #kickassroadtrip… And so she came.

I don’t think Ann will ever come on a trip with my kids ever again!  We laugh about it now… 


Thursday morning came too fast.  Into the car I shoved the kids and our gear, this time sans 2nd adult.  About 7 hours later we reached Toronto (should have been 4…).

This time I decided to bribe my friend Maureen.

“Come with us to the CN Tower, I miss you!”

“The aquarium will be fun with 3 kids, I promise!”

Truth is I bribed her with wine and much gossip.  After an exhausting afternoon and dinner the kids enjoyed “the best part of the whoooole week”: sleeping in a hotel room.  I’m not ashamed to admit Maureen & I made a ‘picnic’ area on the door of our tiny hotel room and gossiped till the wee hours, when she stumbled (ok, walked) into an Uber and left me with my captors children.

Friday morning I ventured out to the Science Center like the grown-ass woman I am – alone with the kids.  I felt… ready.  Ready to take on this challenge, something I wasn’t earlier in the week.

3 museum hours, 6 driving hours (why does it take so much longer with kids!!!) and we were finally home, where I declared I wasn’t taking them anywhere until next summer.

Chaneling Diana Ross

Three days have passed and I still haven’t recovered.  But I will survive.

I’m well on my way to recovering thanks to the magic of Netflix.  

Yup.  After a hectic week I was * that * mom.  I let them watch as much and whatever they wanted.  And watch they did.

I can’t tell you exactly what they streamed as my eyes are still glazed over from last week – but it was definitely in the kids’ profile.  And they LOVED it.  And I survived.

I survived my first post-divorce, single-parent, trip with 3 kids, and you will too.   You might need to beg and bribe, but you will survive this.

I will survive

* as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam I receive perks and goodies in exchange for my words, but rest assured all glass-eyed inducing activities as well as my views are strictly my own. 

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A new year with netflix and unexpected gifts

A new year with netflix and unexpected gifts

Netflix starts Year 3 of #StreamTeam

and apparently I can be dense. oh well...

There comes a time in a blogger’s life where you feel like you’ve ‘arrived’.  You’ve made it.  Then 10 minutes later you hear about this great new high profile campaign that everyone but you seems to have been selected for and once again you are firmly grounded in the real world.


I felt like I’d arrived a few times these past years.

But here’s one my favorite moments, one I’ve rarely spoken of publicly.

Last summer I met the #ShareYourCare team at a conference and signed up for their ambassador program.  National Share Your Care day was coming up and we were told that in exchange for posting we would get a piece of original Care Bears animation art.

This is what I was expecting, because apparently I’m really freaking dense:

disney parks vinylmation

I don’t know why ‘Animation Art’ translated to ‘Vinylmation’ in my head… but it did.  I was expecting some sort of vinylmation-type Care Bears figurine that my kids would adore.

Instead a stiff envelope marked ‘Do Not Bend’ showed up on November 25th.   What went through my mind?

OOOHHHHHHHHHHH, ‘animation art’.  A poster!  Of course!

Because, of course, I’m still dense and clueless at this point.

What I found inside brought me to tears.  I grew up watching the original series and I’m a huge fan.  When the show premiered on Netflix I just had to show my kids and share with the world.  


So when this priceless piece of history showed up in my mailbox I was rendered speechless and until now didn’t quite know how to express my gratitude in words.

Once I got over how the shock I had a good laugh over my denseness.  Of course ‘one-of-a-kind animation art from the original series‘ would be ACTUAL ANIMATION ART from the original series.  #facepalm

And now for today’s program…

Care Bears and Cousins are Coming Back!

Today I caught up on some emails and found out that Care Bear & Cousins Season 2 is premiering exclusively on Netflix February 5th.  The kids are, shall we say, excited ;).

Netflix & Chill (and yes, I know what it means)

Care Bear Stare doesn’t get your gander going on date night?  Thankfully there’s much more to Netflix than just kids’ shows.  Currently we’ve been streaming Brooklyn 99, a hilarious comedy set in Brooklyn’s NYPD precinct.


Not much of a date-night thing, but Fuller House is also premiering February 26th and I’m beyond excited.  I am clearing my schedule for 3 days following the launch and if you can’t reach me you’ll know why.

Clearing my schedule for #FullerHouse premiere on @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam Click To Tweet

Are you excited for Fuller House?  What else are you streaming?

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Just 5 More Minutes – Again

Just 5 More Minutes – Again


‘Just one more, pwease, I pwomise!’

Really?  Really kids? Suuure, ‘one more’.  And three hours later we’ll still be fighting about this.  Nah-han.  No way.  Not happening.  #5MoreMinutes is a myth and you & I both know it.

There is a certain satisfaction in knowing you’re not letting your kids get away with nonsense – a feeling of pride that you’re raising future reasonable law-abiding citizens who understand that each decision has a consequence.   That surely your efforts will pay off when they’re all doctors making a shit-ton of money and will take care of you till you outlive them all.

Except I’m tired of being the bitch.  The party-pooper.  The buzz-kill.

I’m tired of being the parent my kids dislike the most because quote ‘No Fair’.

With Jasmine, who’s 9 yrs old, it’s hard.  Her current Netflix obsession is Full House.  I had hoped she’d like it as much as I did as a kid but it appears I’ve created a netflix-marathon-monster.  ‘Just one more’ is 23 more minutes.

23 more minutes of TV watching that I don’t necessarily agree with.  I have no issues with television per se.  But the attitude that bleeds from her pores after she peels herself away from electronics could freeze the warmest Care Bear hug.

The other two?  It’s a bit easier.  Netflix and DreamWorks Animation launched Dinotrux Favorites – three  #5MoreMinutes episodes that will let them think they’ve won the battle.  You can now confidently say ‘sure, one more!’ and watch as they march themselves up the stairs a mere 300 seconds later.

Bedtime achievement unlocked. 

Bedtime achievement unlocked with @Netflix_CA #5MoreMinutes #Streamteam Click To Tweet

So let’s hear it.  What are your kids’ best excuses for staying up?  For watching more TV?  Comment below, I need a few laughs today :).


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Care Bears and Cousins are Coming to Netflix!

Care Bears and Cousins are Coming to Netflix!

Care Bears & Cousins are Coming to Netflix

I can’t look at a Care Bears doll without getting that warm and fuzzy back-to-my-childhood feeling.  My Care Bear and I had many late-night conversations, along with my cabbage patch and my blue doll.

Saturday mornings meant Bugs Bunny and Care Bears on TV;  is just me or did Beastly and the girl look way scarier in the 80’s?  Today’s Care Bears are much more fun for the littles.  No more scary castle with trembling thunderstorms when a bratty girl doesn’t get what she wants.  My kids?  They love it.

As a Share-Your-Care ambassador and a Netflix #StreamTeam member I’m proud to say that Care Bears and Cousins – a new Netflix Original – is coming to Netflix on Friday November 6th.

To celebrate @BlogginMamas & @CareBearsFriend are hosting the #CBCousins premiere party on Twitter on November 6th at 9PM EST.  Of course, there will be prizes along with some sharing and caring.

The @CareBearsFriend is coming to @Netflix_CA on November 6th! #StreamTeam Click To Tweet

So what are you waiting for?  RSVP today and join the best viewing party in town!

Join @carebearsfriend & @blogginmamas for the #CBCousins Twitter Party 11/06 @ 9p ET RSVP Click To Tweet

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Dragons: Race To The Edge

Dragons: Race To The Edge

Dragons: Race to the edge

My girls?  They.  Are.  Girly girls.

BUT!  They are also big fans of all things loud, dirty, dangerous, and geeky.  As long as there’s wipes nearby so they can clean off their hands right away.  We can’t let that princess dress get dirty – so they’ve told me.

J-F being a great ‘How to train your dragon‘ fan the kids have seen the movie about a zillion times.   With ‘Dragons: Race to the Edge’ the kids are excited for some new ‘mom approved’ streaming time.  J-F has some time off this month and they’ll be able to all watch it together as I pack up the house for our move.

Jasmine is already planing her binge-watching time (ha!) and the other two are playing swords with forks.  The cat is apparently a dragon and is being patient at the youngest’s attempts to ‘train’ him.  Such a good cat, my Owen.

So while I’m packing make sure to enjoy the new Netflix series!


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Welcome Back Garfield!

Welcome Back Garfield!

Welcome Back Garfield

I love that my oldest loves the same things I did in my youth – The Baby-Sitters Club (and all things reading), Full House (OMG she’s obsessed!), and now – apparently – Garfield. 

And… She’s gotten the littles obsessed as well.  Garfield and his antics are still just as entertaining and with her developing wit she’s also ‘getting’ some of the nuances.  Its nice to see her appreciate both intelligent and no-brainer humour.

What retro (oh good god I can’t believe I’m referring to 80’s and 90’s stuff as RETRO.  Wasn’t that, like, just yesterday?) shows are you passing down to your kids?  Share below and check out some great throwback titles on Netflix!

Garfield is on @NetflixCA - Just as good as I remember! Click To Tweet

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Sometimes Family Chooses You

Sometimes Family Chooses You

Sometimes Family Chooses You

They say you can’t choose your relatives but you can choose your family.  Though I wholeheartedly agree with this I also believe that sometimes it’s the other way around.

Sometimes that crazy family you never would have picked chooses you and becomes an indispensable – no matter how hard you try to avoid this.

Grace & Frankie, a Netflix Original series now streaming globally, is the perfect example.

Beyond the talented actors (and their chemistry), beyond the beautiful settings (hello beach house!), and the laugh out loud moments, this series has touched me in a weird way.

Wait.  Not, like, in a w e i r d way…. that just sounded icky and gross.  But I was hooked from the first few minutes and experienced a slew of emotions as I binge-watched the first season.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say it was very well done.  Classy, tasteful… Funny as heck.

Families are complicated.  Families are a pain in the ass.  Families are what saves us.  Enjoy this one, and be thankful for the family that is yours on this Mother’s Day weekend.

Sometimes #family chooses you #GraceAndFrankie @netflixCA #Streamteam Click To Tweet


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Parenting with White Lies

Parenting with White Lies

Parenting with White Lies

Last night I found ‘Liar Liar’ on Netflix and bribed the kids to watch an ‘old person movie’ with their crazy mom.

Joke’s on them, they actually enjoyed it!  Jasmine had a hoot when she discovered one of my oft-repeated lines came from that movie – when Jim Carey announces the arrival of a character by signing “Here She Comes to Wreck the Day!!!!”.

She’s growing fast that one, and starting to grasp the nuances of sarcasm and wit.  A great skill… until its used on us parents lol.  But I digress.

The movie got me thinking about white lies.  Those little nuggets of half-truths we tell to soften the blow, ease a difficult conversation, or avoid hurting someone.   Don’t try to tell me you don’t do it – every parent becomes masters of The White Lie whether we want to or not.

So here are my white lies ’cause I know y’all won’t spill the beans to my kids right?  Right?!?

White Lie

The tooth fairy needs to know you lost your tooth by 6PM or she may not get the message on time.  She leaves her home with limited coins so you’ll get something different each time.

The Story

When my oldest lost her first tooth I slipped a 5$ bill under her pillow.  My mom thought I’d forgotten and she ALSO slipped a 5$ in there.  $10 for one tooth.  Oy.

The next time, she got 1$, 1 day late.  She. Was.  Pissed.  So I did what any self-respecting parent would do and said the first thing to come to mind: she doesn’t have a cell phone so I can’t call her after 6pm and she has a set number of coins for each night, so you may get something different each time.

To this day she still says the Tooth Fairy is on a budget and ‘you get what you get and that’s what you get… but I hope not too many kids lost their tooth today!’

White Lie

I know you jumped off the bunk bed because I can see through walls

White Lie: Moms See Through Walls. Truth: You're FREAKING LOUD #Streamteam #Parenting Click To Tweet

The Story

Seriously?  My kids are so.  flipping.  loud!  I know exactly when they’re up to something ’cause I hear it all.  Every jump, fall, and pummeling comes straight to my ears.  But yes….. Of course I see through walls.

White Lie

“I’m just going to the bathroom – and it’s going to take a while.  I’ll be right back I promise”

The Story

I’ve used this one a few times.  When we were trying to get rid of Jasmine’s soother (she had terrible rashes on her lips from it), when Annabelle couldn’t find her stuffie before bedtime, and when Chloe transitioned from the playpen to a toddler bed.

I’d tell Jasmine that I couldn’t find her soother but I’d go looking for it soon as I was done in the washroom and bring it to her.  The next morning?  ‘I came in and you were already sleeping’.  Conveniently, I’d lost it again by bedtime.  It took 10 days of ‘losing’ soothers to break this habit.  Maybe that’s why my kid thinks I’m full of shit?

The younger two are more skeptical than Jasmine was at their age, but I do manage to get away with this one once in a while.

White Lies are to #parenting what Jelly is to Peanut Butter #wealldoit Click To Tweet

What white lies do you tell your kids?  Do you have a few standing favorites?  Share them below!

Once you’re done lying to your kids about your digestive system check out Bloodline, a new Netflix Original Series that follows a family caught between the ugly truth and a terrible lie.  This would be a great time to steal some Easter chocolate and come up with an excuse later. 

#Bloodline is on @NetflixCA - Caught between an ugly truth and a terrible lie #StreamTeam Click To Tweet

netflix bloodline

As a member of the Netflix #Streamteam I have been compensated for this post. All views & opinions – as are my carefully (ahem) crafted white lies – are my own :).

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Feeding the Mind & The Miracle of The Universe

Feeding the Mind & The Miracle of The Universe

Feeding the Mind & The Miracle of The Universe

The universe – the whole, wide, thing – has got to be the most beautiful sight you can see.  Satellite images and documentaries leave me in awe at the wonder, beauty, and miracle that is the universe.

It’s no secret my childhood was unique.  Wonderful!  But certainly unique by most standards.  We didn’t have television, we had a pet monkey,   and thunderstorms were enjoyed in front of the picture window – popcorn and wine (for the adults!) in hand.  To this day I still make popcorn and open up a bottle of wine to watch thunderstorms!

I loved these moments as child and enjoy creating similar memories with my kids.  Now that the internet has replaced the Complete Britannica Encyclopedia it’s increasingly easier to share the wonders of the world with the girls.

march 2015 streamteam

With march break 1/2 over and the kids getting antsy I’m planning on watching Deadliest Volcanoes with Jasmine while the little ones nap.  She loves science and I know she’ll enjoy this very much.  And if she doesn’t throw too much attitude around, I’ll add Cosmos – A space time odyssey to her list.  She’s using my parents’ old iPad and likes to relax with Netflix on Saturday mornings.  Y’all know I’m not a fan of most shows that top her list, so if I can avoid arguments over why she can’t watch such & such show by getting her interested in this series… all the better for everyone! 🙂

Are your kids showing interest in science?  Start them with baking – it’s a great way to start exploring reactions between elements!

As a member of the Netflix #Streamteam I have been compensated for this post.  All views & opinions are my own, and clearly I built the universe 😉

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Blue Prints, Mr. Wonderful, & Discussions with an 8 year old

Blue Prints, Mr. Wonderful, & Discussions with an 8 year old

Blue Prints, Mr. Wonderful, & Discussions with an 8 year old

According to my kids, TV is where it’s at.  At the ripe old age of 2, 4, & 8 they know what they like & don’t like, what’s in, what’s out, and what’s what.

Now, I don’t pretend to know what goes on in other households.  But in this house?  The kids LOVE watching ‘our’ shows.  All 3 are avid fans of The Big Bang Theory and love to sing the opening song.  They enjoy cheering along with our favorite tribe in Survivor and encourage The Biggest Loser contestants from our side of the screen.

I don’t always like it when they watch our shows, but it does bring on many opportunities for real-world discussions that don’t involve My Little Pony and Ever After High.

Dragon’s Den is one of those shows.  Jasmine has been watching this with me since she was about a year old.  She knows the Dragons by name and can predict when deals will flop or close.  She sees entrepreneurs think outside the box to solve problems.  We talk about why some deals are closing and others aren’t.  About planning and execution, effective marketing, what an entrepreneur could have done differently to build a better business.  Using words an 8 year old will understand, of course.

She sees me run my own business and likes to talk about the empire she will one day build (paying all of us $5 / day to slave work for her while she goes shopping, as I’ve been advised recently).

She’s had the opportunity to meet Arlene Dickinson & Kevin O’Leary, and dreams of meeting all of the Dragons (and Sharks, since the US tank has recruited a few of her favorites). On both occasions there was a talk followed by a book signing.  She’s always picked out a book to have signed, and enjoys the talks almost as much as meeting the Dragons.

Jasmine & @ShoeboxBeGone meet @KevinOLearyTV with @indigoFR & @IndigoGreenRoom! Click To Tweet

 At the age of 3 she designed a lipstick machine, in magic marker, on her wall.  The thing was about 4 ft wide by 3 ft high.  It was very intricate, but the end result was that it expertly applied lipstick to your lips.  Of course, in order for the ‘prototype’ to work it needed real lipstick.  FYI, industrial quantities of lipstick are almost impossible to wash off a wall.

Then again, I remember my own room being plastered with posters of Joey Lawrence, Marc-Paul Gosselar, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Brad Pitt.  If she wants to look up to self-made millionaires… who am I to complain?

She’s on a Dragon Den kick again, so thankfully seasons 5 & 6 are now available on Netflix.  I like having mini-marathons with her but frankly I’m getting sick of hearing Barbies & ponies argue.  So we listen to grown-ass adults argue…. LOLbut at least their voices aren’t as high pitched!

What do you watch with your kids?  What conversations are you hoping to start with them?

As a member of the Netflix #Streamteam I have been compensated for this post.  All views & opinions are my own, and all engineering prototypes are clearly my daughter’s.

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The Baby-Sitters Club & My Youth – StreamTeam

The Baby-Sitters Club & My Youth – StreamTeam

The Baby-Sitters Club & My Youth - StreamTeam

OMG.  Shut the front door. 

The Baby-Sitters Club is on Netflix.  We’re talking the series – the one I couldn’t watch growing up because we didn’t even own a television.

BSC Series on Netflix

I don’t think you understand.  These books?  They saved me.  And they were everywhere.  I hid them in between towels in the bathroom, inside pillow cases in my bed, under my desk at school, and even between couch cushions.


Piles, and piles, and piles of books.  

By the time I grew out of the life and times of The Baby-Sitters Club and the Stoneybrook community I’d amassed quite the collection of dog-eared paperbacks.  The series was my prized possession and followed me through my mid-twenties, only to perish in a flood.  Some parents keep Disney books for their kids – I kept my BSC collection.

The novels are an integral part of my youth that I want to share with my daughters.  Jasmine – who is 8 and attends French school – is on book 5 and she loves them as much as I did.

I was waiting for her to get through at least 15 books or so before showing her the 1995 movie, but who are we kidding?  You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be watching the 13 episodes together.  And then maybe the movie.

Cause is there anything better than sharing a slice of your youth with your kids?

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NYE with kids: Bringing Sexy Back

NYE with kids: Bringing Sexy Back

NYE with kids: Bringing Sexy Back

I used to be the queen of NYE.  I always had plans.  They were always epic.  I celebrated in style.  Sometimes en grandeur, sometimes en tête-à-tête – clothing optional – but always in style.  Champagne, chocolate strawberries, a multitude of hors d’oeuvres that didn’t feature tostitos or pinwheel PB&J’s.

Great outfits, simple updos, and fancy underwear were a staple in my celebrations – as was great food, flowing wine, and chickie cocktails because why not.

Cost was never a factor.  I’m a New Year’s baby so the money I saved on birthday celebrations I used to splurge on my NYE plans.  Because who am I kidding?  Most people are usually too hungover to remember my birthday or too broke post-holidays to come celebrate with me.  Even if it wasn’t ‘my’ party, it was *MY* party and no tears were allowed.

In (out?) comes kids, Out goes the fancy underwear.

And, frankly, all semblance of party plans.  Ever since I had Jasmine 8 years ago I have spent the eve alone on the couch in PJ’s.  In the 6 years JF & I have ∗ celebrated ∗ together he’s been working or sick.  I’ve stopped making plans because even when I do, he gets called into to work (apparently someone needs to answer those pesky 911 calls).

This year, I had ALL the plans.  And…. true to tradition hubby’s schedule got switched.  Because you’re an awesome bunch – and I’m just nice like that – I’m sharing how I planned to bring sexy back to our NYE celebrations… even if it’s with kids.

3 tips for celebrating nye with kids

 Get in the mood with accessories

Not those kinds of accessories, you sick bastard – the jewelry kind.  I was shopping at Aldo and found this really cute headband that reads ‘Meet Me At Midnight’.  Can it get more suggestive?  Also great no matter your relationship status.  You’ll stand out in a sea of ‘2015’ and ‘Happy New Year’ glitter headbands.

For you non-parent people sometimes a great kiss is all the action you have time or energy for.  Those kisses help you remember that there’s still an grown-ass woman under all that extra baby skin.

Get cheeky with the menu

Toffee bars?  Nah-ah!  Sinful Threesomes.  Get the recipe HERE.  How about some beer cocktails?  F*Bombs & Mistletoe are sure to keep you both smirking.

Molson Mistletoe

While you’re having fun sipping your drinks – serve them in martini glasses for a fancy look – let the kids pretend they’re big people for a while with their own ‘cocktails’.  Milk flutes, complete with chocolate chip cookie sticks, and homemade sparkling apple cider.

NYE mocktails

Lie to your kids

By now you must have heard of Netflix’ new Dreamworks original series All Hail King Julien the wacky lemur from Madagascar.  

King Julien likes to party and get his shake on.  He’s famed for rocking out to ‘I like to move it-move-it’ and crazy pineapple hats.  For a lemur he sure spends a lot of time glaring at us through the screen with his come-hither look.

Maybe that’s why he wants to help you lie to your kids.  ‘Cause now the folks at #AllHailKingJulien have created a fake  3 minute NYE countdown that you can show the littles….. at whatever time you see fit!!!!  To watch the countdown, go here:

No more waiting for Time Squares to get with the program, no more fumbling for good YouTube footage of celebrations in Australia, and no more whiny kids who won’t sleep ’cause they’re wired!  Brilliant, right?  Maybe you won’t be able to fool the older kids but at least the wee ones will be squared away long before you pucker up.

Let them have their fun with noisemakers, streamers and New Year’s Eve glasses – then off to bed they go!

All Hail KIng Julien NYE Party Pack

 NYE with Kids – Can you still bring sexy back?

Well, like I mentioned you need 2 willing participants.  And sleeping kids.   But even if you can’t ring in the new year with a bang the sous-entendres are sure to keep you both on your toes and – at the very least – remember that you still like each other – because that’s always important!

Can't ring in #NYE with a 'bang'? @Netflix_CA helps you create time to pucker up in peace 😉 Click To Tweet

bringing sexy back to #nye

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Sick in Bed with Russell Peters

Sick in Bed with Russell Peters

Sick in Bed with Russell Peters

It’s been one of “those” days.  The kind of days where the baby just wants to sleep and nurse.  Oh, and be stuck thisclose to you.  Failing to abide by these requests will treat your neighborhood – and possibly the whole county – with apocalyptic screams.

Oh, the joys of a growth-spurting, molar-breaking, almost 2 year old.  At least is was just the 2 of us and I was able to stay in bed with her.

Facebook gets boring after a while and Twitter – well,  Twitter just isn’t what it used to be.  Color me happy because is there anything better than snuggling with a baby under thick blankets, the window cracked open just a bit, and some comedy?

Remember the days of trekking out to Blockbuster in PJ’s and fuzzy slippers, toque firmly in place because bed hair?  For the young’uns reading this, Blockbuster was where you went to rend VHS videos and eventually DVD’s.  You hoped to get there before all the new releases were gone or you were watching 3 Men & a Little Lady for the millionth time.  Or Ghost.  Or the newest Olsen twins made-for-tv movie.

netflix logo

Luckily I have Netflix on my tablet and spent the day in bed with Russell Peters, sans toque.  Jim Jefferies, Eddy Murphy, and Joan Rivers also made an appearance but they don’t know me like my Russell does.  He had eyes only for me, and knew just what to say to make me feel better.  And he did!

Maybe on Friday I’ll have him over for a glass of wine and invite him to stay till breakfast.   

Connect with Netflix & discover comedy lineup!  And since you’re here…. Who’s your favorite stand-up comedian, and why?

As a member of the Netflix #Streamteam I have been compensated for this post.  All views, opinions, and fantasies are my own.

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