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Rise Gear – A Traveler’s Must-Have

Posted on Dec 9, 2014 | 0 comments

I fell in love with the concept of Rise Gear when I first saw them on Dragon’s Den.  An overnight bag that kept you organized on your travels.

Genius.  Absolutely genius.

RiseGear - T-shirt

Knowing I would be travelling a lot in a short period of time I called them up to see if the Weekender Rise bag could keep up with me.

6 weeks: 4 trips, 8 flights, and countless layover miles

Everything fit.  I packed for as little as 2 days and as much as 5 – and always had room to spare.  The interwebs advise you should unpack when you get to your hotel and with Rise that was easy-peasy. Unzip, hang up.  Voilà!

It stood the test of time, overhead compartment wars, checked luggage boxing matches and me.  Seriously.  I have a tendency to break just about everything.

What I’ve learned

The Rise bag is very sturdy, but it does have its limits.  Word to the wise?  Don’t put your heaviest stuff on the top shelf.  Hair styling tools, shoes, and the half-gallon of facial cleanser just don’t belong there.  Try one of the side pockets or the lowest shelf.

Most US airports CHARGE for the use of a luggage cart (I love me some Canadian airports!)  

Make sure your stuff is on wheels.  I had to lug this bag around across terminals and navigated unknown transit systems with my bag… on my shoulder.  The bag itself is very comfortable to carry around – but I hate checking luggage on short business trips and if I do, no more than 1 bag.

The result is ONE very, very, heavy bag.  Thankfully they’ve come out with the Roller - a bag on wheels for the well-traveled.  I have several speaking gigs next year and you can be sure the Roller is on my list to Santa.

You will be THE coolest roommate

A few girlfriend’s & I always share a room when we’re travelling together.  ‘OMG you have to come see my roommate’s bag’ is something I heard often.  I’ve made friends with complete strangers who stopped by our room to check out the bag everyone was talking about (don’t worry mom – they were all bloggers…. at the same conference).

The Price?

This isn’t your typical overnight bag and the quality is outstanding.  You’re not getting Walmart quality, so don’t expect Walmart prices.

I’ve destroyed many bags in my travels – most only last one trip, two at most.  At $139 for the Weekender and $199 for the Roller, you’re getting great value at a price-point that won’t gouge you.

Of course, everything is better when it’s on sale.  Funny you should mention that!  Enter your first name and email address to get updates from the Rise team.  Don’t worry, they won’t spam you – they just want you to know about the best sales and great new products.

Bottom line:  Get it.  Now.  No seriously, what are you waiting for?  You’ll be looking for reasons to use it.

Sending your kids off to Grandma’s for the weekend?  Rise.  Impromptu road trip with the hunny?  Rise.  3 of your kids are in the holiday pageant? Rise – those shelves will save your sanity!

Best.  Bag.  Ever.

(10) Rise Gear

(10) Rise Gear


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Food Pantry Holiday Makeover With James Young

Posted on Dec 5, 2014 | 0 comments

James Young – host of DIY Network’s I Hate My Kitchen loves tearing up and rebuilding kitchens.  He’s working on a great project and took some time to answer a few questions for you.

Food pantries across the nation face higher demands every year.  With the holidays upon us they’ll be needing more than just meals to help families in need put food on their table.

Food Pantry Holiday Makeovers

From Dec 2 to 12th visit and cast one vote per day to help your local food pantry (US).  75 winning food pantries will each receive a $20,000 grant to purchase things like new kitchen and storage equipment, furniture, paint, and other supplies that are needed to continue providing fresh meals and exceptional service to local communities.

Check out this video and don’t forget to VOTE.  You never know who you’re helping.

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Got Beef? Don’t Have A Cow

Posted on Dec 3, 2014 | 33 comments

We all know cows are lazy.

But are they?

Imaging spending hours each day producing and expressing milk.  You eat like there’s no tomorrow and drink gallons of fluid so your body will be able to produce said milk.

You’re so exhausted you don’t bother grooming;  the flies are attracted to the sweet smell of milk so its not like cleaning yourself up will help.  As for the bull pacing on the other side of the fence?  He hasn’t had action in so long he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you look like.  

You have nothing left to give, they’ve taken it all.  Exhaustion fills you.  Your body, your mind… even your soul feels depleted.

Whoever said sleep is for the weak nailed it.

Along comes a serene moment of solitude, a short time to close your eyes and rest your soul.

Cows are expected to nap, but when it comes to mothers… It’s not normal.  There must be something wrong.  Normal people don’t sleep during the day.

You are not normal.  You a giver.  A provider. A caretaker.…. a Mom ♥

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