Finding Funny

when life hands you a shit show

This is Why I Run

I started running to escape my ghosts and found peace in the cool breeze. These words tonight I now lay to rest, may they leave me in peace as I run.

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Sharing Moments Not A Mortgage

Dating – sex & companionship – doesn’t mean you’re getting ‘serious’. It means you’re enjoying each other, sharing moments – not a mortgage.

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You’ve got mail

The feeling of comfortable nostalgia set in – and then the empty store scene came up, the one where the mother and daughter are twirling. That’s when I lost it. You see, my mother has early-onset dementia.

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A dream laid to rest with wrapping paper and rotten apples

Wrapping Paper & Rotten Apples laying a Christmas dream to rest Elf Duty As I’m wrapping the many gifts that will be exchanged in the following week I’m thinking there can’t be any more, I have to be done.  Except I’m not because Oh!  Look... read more

Ford Road-Trips & The Luggage Whisperer

Fun On The Road with Ford The Expedition, Fiesta, and Convertible Mustang: Built for road-trips? It appears this was the year of #KickAssRoadTrips. First Christa & I drove to Prince Edward County for a bloggers’ retreat followed by  Ann & I... read more

The Great 2015 Shitastrophy

Celebrating our anniversary, or that time a lump of shit shot out of my kid’s arse and onto my carpet #shitastrophy

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STFU Dr Google, Before You Kill Someone

In light of a friend’s very public mental / nervous breakdown I can no longer keep quiet. I am shocked at how many of you – normal-ass people with no medical degrees – purport to know better than trained professionals.

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Philly’s Harbor Park a Real Gem for Locals & Tourists

It’s a beautiful summer afternoon on the boardwalk. You lean against the railing in this rare moment of peace and gently close your eyes, listening to the rustling of leaves as the wind carries voices of children at play, the nearby fountain a refreshing backdrop to a bird’s song.

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Parenting with White Lies

White lies. Those little nuggets of half-truths we tell to soften the blow. Every parent becomes masters of The White Lie whether we want to or not.

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Food Bloggers Part 3

Food Bloggers Part 3 Audit Proof Your Blog Part 2 of 3 As seen on Food Bloggers of Canada You’ve organized your kitchen, planned your posts and expenses, and now it’s GO time. Some of you are living vicariously through your bloggy friends’ tax refresh and you’re... read more

Feeding the Mind & The Miracle of The Universe

The universe – the whole, wide, thing – has got to be the most beautiful sight you can see. Satellite images and documentaries leave me in awe at the wonder, beauty, and miracle that is the universe.

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Food Bloggers Part 2

Food Bloggers Part 2 Audit Proof Your Blog Part 2 of 3 As seen on Food Bloggers of Canada Last month in part 1 of Audit-Proff Your Food Blog, we discussed cupboards and logistics, transforming your kitchen into a filing cabinet for food bloggers. By now you’ve... read more

Wordless Wednesday – Just call me Bones

Wordless Wednesday - Just call me Bones #angelesfavoritethings #BBNYC #blogher12 #blogher13 #blogher14 #NFFun #NFwithkids #streamteam aging Awesome babies blogging business Care Bears Conferences Date Night death depression dh Disney divorce Dreams easy family FBC... read more

Traveling Alone to Las Vegas

Finding yourself alone in a strange city for few days can be a blessing in disguise. Here are my tips for women traveling alone to Las Vegas

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Food Bloggers! Check this out

Food Bloggers! Check this out Audit Proof Your Blog Part 1 of 3 As seen on Food Bloggers of Canada You’ve heard the horror stories: bloggers having to pay higher taxes, fines, and levies because accountants and CRA auditors refuse to count your food blogging expenses.... read more

The Baby-Sitters Club & My Youth – StreamTeam

The Baby-Sitters Club & My Youth - StreamTeam OMG.  Shut the front door.  The Baby-Sitters Club is on Netflix.  We’re talking the series – the one I couldn’t watch growing up because we didn’t even own a television. I don’t think you... read more

NYE with kids: Bringing Sexy Back

NYE with kids: Bringing Sexy Back I used to be the queen of NYE.  I always had plans.  They were always epic.  I celebrated in style.  Sometimes en grandeur, sometimes en tête-à-tête – clothing optional – but always in style.  Champagne, chocolate... read more